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A Styled Shoot: Thinking Outside the Barn with Glam

A Styled Shoot: Thinking Outside the Barn with Glam

Since it is cold and gray outside, a little spring sunshine is due. For now, it will be reminiscing of a styled shoot we did at The Wheeler House when the sun was actually out! We pulled a palette of fresh sherbet that would melt away any gray day.

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The Wheeler House was an unending palette of beautiful textures to play with from the beautiful home details, the brick pathways, the pews, the draping, and I could go on forever. We love mixing it up and doing the unexpected. You don't have to be burlap and cotton to add some elegance!

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Love these amazing doors that create such a dramatic entrance for a bride. Miss Milly's doors and ceremony buffet really made a statement. And that statement was, WOW.

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Ashley with Shuttersweet Photography captures detail so well! Love all the contrast of the texture with the feminine sorbet palette.

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Jan and Lindsay at Adore Bridal selected a lovely gown for the beautiful bride, Katie. Josh looked pretty dapper himself suited with his Modern Gent threads.

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