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Surprise... Jennifer and Brian are MARRIED!

Surprise... Jennifer and Brian are MARRIED!

As a wedding vendor, we often get asked to participate in styled shoots. But this one, was...different. Callie Chewning Murray asked if we could transform an ordinary styled shoot to the most unordinary, real and completely surprise wedding. I told her that if it was close by, we could totally pull it off and Callie responded asking, "How about your house?" It hit close to home....and we said, YES!

A Styled Shoot: Thinking Outside the Barn with Glam

A Styled Shoot: Thinking Outside the Barn with Glam

Since it is cold and gray outside, a little spring sunshine is due. For now, it will be reminiscing of a styled shoot we did at The Wheeler House when the sun was actually out! We pulled a palette of fresh sherbet that would melt away any gray day.

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The Wheeler House was an unending palette of beautiful textures to play with from the beautiful home details, the brick pathways, the pews, the draping, and I could go on forever. We love mixing it up and doing the unexpected. You don't have to be burlap and cotton to add some elegance!

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Love these amazing doors that create such a dramatic entrance for a bride. Miss Milly's doors and ceremony buffet really made a statement. And that statement was, WOW.

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Ashley with Shuttersweet Photography captures detail so well! Love all the contrast of the texture with the feminine sorbet palette.

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Jan and Lindsay at Adore Bridal selected a lovely gown for the beautiful bride, Katie. Josh looked pretty dapper himself suited with his Modern Gent threads.

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