New Years has often been celebrated with a countdown that ends in a special kiss. But no year past can compare to the celebration of this New Year's love.

Johna + Freddy will warm your heart with their love, laughter, faith and overall gorgeousness. Enjoy a glimpse into their joy-filled day: 


This Wasn't Just Any Bride


No, this was the sweetest Johna. She. Is. The. BEST.

I know she's the best, because I have the privilege of sharing an office with her. She is radiant, kind, gentle, faithful, encouraging and well, like I said, THE. BEST. 



...and just look at these two winter princesses.

We wanted them to have sweet fragrance in their crowns, so included rosemary and lavender. We wanted that sweet walk that she would have to her groom to be surrounded by the same aroma, so instead of petals these fur babies dropped rosemary and lavender, with giggles.


Meet Johna's Floral Signature

It was sweetly fragranced, just like her personality. With layers of ranunculus, privet berries, Brunia, textured greens and rosemary punctuated with a pop of classic, timeless cymbidium orchids that were framed with exquisite perfume of double stock and hyacinth. Then it was dressed in hand-dyed silk known for strength, dancing, and how it makes you feel.

You see, Johna simply makes people feel incredibly special and just wait til you see her on the dance floor! 

From The Bride --

Our Sappy Love Story: 

We have a lot to owe to The Big Fake Wedding, since this is where we met and where we got engaged. We both were at The Big Fake Wedding at Monday Night Brewing, Freddy as a fake groomsmen, I as a party-goer. Because Freddy is “Atlanta-famous” (in my eyes at least), the second I saw him, I was scheming on how I was going to introduce myself. Before I could extend a handshake, Freddy and I locked eyes on the dance floor while Don’t Stop Believing was playing. It was a magical moment and he asked me to dance.

By the end of the night, he had asked for my number (like a man) and the very next day, he called and asked me on a date. We spent 7 months “long distance” dating, before I decided to up and move to Marietta, where he was planting church. Nearly a year after the night we met, we both found ourselves at The Big Fake Wedding again. Freddy worked out a deal with the band, so that they would play our song and call him up on stage to finish it.

Once again on the dance floor, he dropped to his knee and asked if I wanted to plan a real wedding. (In front of 200 strangers and a team of media.) Five months later, we made it happen and became a family.
— Johna

Then there are moments that are simply never long enough. For each minute holds precious interactions that are lost in timeliness.  This is one of those PRESS PAUSE OFTEN ones. This sweet time with mother and daughter, and the dreams that are unfolding like a bloom.

Deep breaths, the timeline will wait. Soak it in and treasure each one. They can't be recreated, explained or planned for; yet, they are simply perfectly orchestrated by the heart.



"Freddy and I did lip-sync battles with our bridal party. Yes - like on Jimmy Fallon. Freddy blew ours out of the water with his flawless rendition of "Bye, Bye, Bye" by NSync." 

- Johna



Your joy is unforgettable and I'm sure it will only grow.


Thank you for including our blooms to stand by your side and have the honor of creating your floral signature. 

PLUS: That was likely the first time any of our floral creations have witnessed a lip-sync off. : ) It's because you're simply THE. BEST.


Venue | The Engine Room

Catering | Chipotle

DJ/ Emcee | Judah Press Entertainment

Photography | Kayla Johnson

Wedding Dress | BHLDN

Floral + Event Design | Holland Daze

Day-Of Coordination | Kaley Holley with Laurel Avenue

Invitations | Picasso Printing

Hair & Makeup | Cassedy Hutcheson

Wedding Cake | Megan Phillips

Linens | Linen Tablecloth

Entertainment | The Guestbox

Coffee Truck | Refuge Coffee