Thankful Doesn't Even Begin To Describe It

Margaux and Ryan enjoyed many 'unofficial' dates on the golf course or at the lake before making it official and dating for 4-5 years and falling in love. They look back on those early days fondly for how each one led them to a beautiful proposal, marriage, and friendship.

Fortunately, I too am thankful that I had the joy of getting to know Margaux. After many years of getting to know her and watch her grow, I was given the enormous challenge/privilege to surround her with mirroring beautiful blooms and memorable fragrances as she and Ryan share their vows on Thanksgiving.

This is not just a love story, but a love journey of two amazing people you are thankful to even have the opportunity to know. 


This sweet moment about had all of us choked up. There is NOTHING like that sweet relationship of dads and their daughters.


These silly and supportive girls knew the perfect way for Margaux to have a break from the serious. It's in the little moments that I was reminded of all the joyful memories I have with Margaux as a high school student on trips together and sharing a goofy photo. I still can see the fun-child in her, but now it's in an all-grown stunner.

Her laughter was abundant that day, and all that the joy that was in it was seeping out. Margaux was so collected and soaking in all the moments. (The family even included me in the tasty brunch - a white chocolate macadamia cookie and chicken salad was the perfect boost for getting creative.)

My favorite part of the day was the twenty minutes alone with Ryan after the ceremony to soak in the ‘I do’ and really get excited about being married.
— Margaux


O.K. yes, it's true. This one is a favorite.


A lush pave' garden flanked with romantic lighting. Those farm tables. And oh...  what an inspiring love story of two amazing people.

One of our favorite things to do is to create a room that is layered with details, sparkle, blooms and decor that makes the bride's eyes sparkle and this wedding was a prime example of exactly that.

Margaux, your signature was on display in every detail and I can't wait to continue to see your love journey unfold.


We are so thankful to have started our Thanksgiving humbly warmed by the love story of these two.


Happy Ever After, Margaux + Ryan. 


Venue | Little River Farms 

Rentals and Design | Miss Milly's

Dress| Wedding Angels/ Casablanca

Band| New Royals

Planner| Meyer Me Events/ Christine Meyer

Caterer| Event Wise

Photography| Andy Brophy One Nine Images

Hair & Make Up| Bob Steele Salon 

Ceremony Musician| Keith Gehle - Guitarist