When you marry the woman of your dreams, you simply want to take it all in. Sir Dante understood the day that was upon him and was caught here gazing out the window. He knew what would be happening on this day would be something to remember.

And he was right: his bride was extraordinarily radiant.


This family loves to giggle! I could hear them when our team headed to the bridal suite. "Kim is here, Kim is here!" It is so exciting for me to hear such joy and excitement when the bride gets to meet her floral signature. Except, I smiled with tears from my heart!

Kimberly is delicate, adventurous, pure and romantic, so her bouquet was as appropriately layered with delicate lisianthus, dancing orchids, perfectly coiled roses, and romantic hydrangea. This Jamaican beauty was a gift to create for. We had talked of Jamaica and trips to Oracabessa. It is a favorite in our family, as my son and his wife honeymooned there. At one of our times together, we were talking about them and I shared with her that they were expecting their first daughter soon- our first grandchild. Eek.

As we are setting up the florals in the bridal suite, she not only congratulated him, but hugged with exuberance and said she knew her wedding would be spectacular one day.  There will be plenty of time for that, but Kimberley is  just like that. Happy for not just herself that day, but contagious with joy. Thinking of others, even on her wedding day.

That's her.

So apparently, I was entertaining! Those boutonnieres are sometimes tricky to pin- not one of my strong points, so I love using magnets to attach. They couldn't believe how simple this detail was.


Her mom, Joy, and all of the sisters were delights to work with as they planned every detail for Kimberley. They often talked of "daddy", who clearly had their hearts.

Joy had refined every detail, and just like Dante getting a glimpse- she knew everything she and Kristen had worked toward was ready and the celebration was ready to start!


Now that this dad had made that special walk with his daughter, in the best of humor, he offered up a high five!

Sometimes, a little comedy relief gets us through the tough moments. I so wish you could hear her sweet laughter. Just think of those best times with friends or family, when you laugh so deeply your heart smiles.

Each family member I had the pleasure of getting to know was just like that. I was so hoping that they would adopt me- (I may totally show up for Thanksgiving for some Jamaican Jerk turkey!)

I'm pretty sure either one of these two could have had the superlative of 'The Best Smile' or 'The Most Joyful,' but today there was reason. They were joining their lives, and there was much to celebrate.

Venue: Villa Christina

PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER: Kaz Artis @ Zion Images DRESS: Brides by Demetrios CAKE: Sheeva @ Oh how Sweet SUITS: Savvy Formal Wear HAIR: Kelli Clark (Chicago) MAKEUP: Shani Brown Linvel (BEATS BY SHANI B.) Houston TX