I love to reflect back on some of my favorite weddings. Sometimes it's the details, the blooms, the bride, the venue, or the love story between the couple, but this was a day full of all of these reasons to be a favorite.

Kristen is a brilliant gem! She is the whole package - beauty, brains, and, of course, a bride! She loves sports, writing, laughing and LOVES Will.

She is almost perfect-- with one exception of being a Georgia fan. I know, harsh.

But, if it makes it better, her parents would agree with me. War eagle :)


It was the hottest day of the year, and conversations first began as a weather report, but the Hot-lanta degrees wouldn't distract us long as soon Kristen and Will took the main stage in a garden as they shared their first look.

Everything about the day was planned with extraordinary attention to detail.

I've said this before, but the first look is truly one of my favorite moments of the day. I always believed that marriage was a bond of three, so I totally had to laugh when the Jesus picture photobombed this capture. After these two shared a sweet moment together, there was way more to talk about than the weather.


Summerour is simply an amazing venue. Behind these doors, the joy could hardly be contained.


I love dreamy photography. It is truly an art. The use of light is captivating for me.

Weddings can be overwhelming, for some trying to put together their event. When asked about my thoughts on photography...I've told many brides to GET A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER to document your day. It is so worth it.

(Now, I personally think your pictures look so much better with amazing blooms, because I'm a sucker for pretty!)

Phillip and Eileen of Blume Photography totally rocked the captures that tell Kristen and Will's love story and highlight this unforgettable day.

Here are some of my favorite memories of the day:


Bob, the Father of the Bride, was ready to celebrate -- and he did! He and Carol, the Mother of the Bride, were lovely hosts to an amazing dance party. We were sure to join in as well, I mean with The Moxie Band playing, how could you resist?

Happy third anniversary, Kristen + Will.

Peachtree Christian Church/ Ceremony

Summerour Studio/ Reception Venue

Signature Weddings and Events

Bold American Events/ Catering

The Moxie Band/ Entertainment

The Frosted Pumpkin/ Cake

Blume Photography/Photography