One of my joys is knowing somehow flowers can be more than mere blooms. They can help cultivate an awareness and bloom from brokeness. Huh? In doing some soul searching and heart bearing with one of my favorite photographers ("girl crush"), Audra Starr, I shared that I want Holland Daze to make a difference. Ok, beautiful blooms always make a difference in a wedding day, but REALLY make a difference. She got it, really got it- actually she already had it. I was the one who got it. She asked me to participate in a styled shoot to help empower girls who had been in sex trafficking. Through Serenity Steps, they have chosen to restore dignity to women who were in the sex industry. That Grace Restored collaborates with these women to make incredibly beautiful paper, wedding invitations and journals from what seems to be scraps. You will have to simply check it out. Can't wait to plan my first journal making party to always have that reminder that beauty is not as it seems, but so much more. We put together the A team and had a total play date. Speaking of play date, they are doing a Serenity Steps Comedy Show  fundraiser on May 8 and May 9 to raise funds for continued support and growth for these ladies. Grab a group of fun people who want to laugh at not being able to make a difference. We totally can. So thankful to be included in this fun day. It was a day that was sleeting, and while it may have been cold and icy on the outside, these ladies sure warmed our hearts. Broken wings do fly.

Here's a glimpse at our play date.

V E N U E | Parish ATL

I N V I T A T I O N S + P A P E R | That Grace Restored

F L O R A L S | Holland Daze

D E C O R + D E S I G N | Miss Milly’s Vintage Rental

H A I R + M A K E – U P | BeautyBott

J E W E L R Y | Brette Start for Chloe+Isabel

M O D E L | Jordan Hampton

P H O T O G R A P H Y | Audra Starr Photography