We love weddings. Really love weddings, and we really love these two. Alex is simply part of our family. He was our son’s roommate at Auburn and lived with us a couple summers. He became part of the family- his parents became great friends, as well.

Alex met an incredibly special girl, Katie. These two dated all through college, and graduate school (survived long distance) and now the day was here. Christine was finally getting a daughter! This couple has amazing hearts, and we were all so ready to celebrate them.

Katie is classic elegant. Alex was so excited when we came through Birmingham to give us a sneak peek of her ring- yep classic and elegant. When we got everything set, I got to peek in at Katie to let her know we were headed to get dressed and could not wait to see her marry AK. I even got to help she and her mom, Susan  with THE dress, swoon.

Love seeing her friends simply gasp as they saw her for the first time in her dress. She is just beaming!

 Here she is headed up the stairs for that much anticipated walk down the aisle to her GROOM!

Here she is headed up the stairs for that much anticipated walk down the aisle to her GROOM!f


The ceremony was surrounded with exquisite wood and stained glass and framed with a cross of mounded hydrangea and roses. Katie’s parents had married at Richards DAR House, and were ready to see history repeat. The architectural details were breathtaking. The home was surrounded with moss dancing from the trees, chandelier, and sparkling lights. Love this capture be Wand E Photographie- I can almost hear the giggles.

Ok, it was a dance party! It was a great evening seeing all the friends and family come together. Christmas was just around the corner, and one of our gifts was simply being included in this day. Happy Ever After, love McMomma.


And special thanks to Wintzell’s for keeping us fueled- and including us in your staff photo!