I absolutely love the moment as the groom anticipates seeing his bride for the first time. It is certainly a privilege to share this intimate moment. One of my very favorite things about this particular first look is seeing the bridesmaids peeking out of their dressing area with such joy. When Courtney saw her groom, the rain disappeared. The day had finally come, details in place and these two were ready to celebration by reading tender love letters to each other.

I had always heard that The NotWedding can bloom relationships. I had the privilege of getting to know the creative team at Miss Milly's. Cindy was beaming with anticipation of her daughter Courtney's wedding. When she asked me to be part of the day, it was truly an honor.

Iamonia Lodge in Tallahassee was the romantic setting. Nestled in trees and dripping with moss, the lodge was a blank palette. I love seeing the raindrops falling in this locked gaze- they almost look like falling stars.

When the rain set in, the back up plan was to hold the ceremony along the wrap around porch. So romantic as Courtney was led through her family and friends to see Stephen! Sometimes, the alternate plan is even better than the original. Love seeing Natalie and Katie, two of her bridesmaids gazing at her.

Who would have known how finding blackberries could become, umm challenging in November! We even added a touch of the moss that had been gathered from the property that morning to bring the outdoors in. The blackberries added so much texture, and rich color to Courtney's palette of blackberry and cream. She even had a signature blackberry Moscato cocktail.

Courtney and Stephen refused to let a little rain dampen their day. Instead, we decided to make it dripping gorgeous!

Love seeing these two look at each other, totally oblivious to the rain. The amazing photo ninja, Terri Smith of Terri Smith Photo captured the incredible day. Even caught her a time or two on the dance floor.

We danced the night away and loved watching these two. One of my favorite moments, was seeing the way they looked at each other- totally oblivious to the raindrops. Happy ever after! Thanks for including us.